Testimonials for the 5-Day Whole Food Restart

“After the holidays, I’m usually craving carbs and sugar much more than the months before. So when I was asked by my sister to join this 5-day detox, I figured it would be a great way to settle down that craving. Originally I was glad that the detox was for such a short period of time, because I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with it – I had a football party to go to that next weekend and didn’t think I could resist the party-style food. To my surprise, not only was I able to pass on the party food but I was able to continue clean eating into the next week with no problems. I am feeling proud to have started my new year with great results. I will continue forward with this eating plan because I have to be in a swimsuit in 3 weeks! Florida beaches, here I come!”   — Tina S.
” … I survived my 1 time that I had to eat out this week. We had a work team lunch so I had to go or they would chastise me. So I was the one that ate healthy. I had a bowl with grape tomatoes, grilled chicken, quinoa, black beans, cilantro, lime. I was full but not over full. Everyone else is whining now how they feel like $#X! and don’t want to work. They all had burgers or greasy sandwiches, and fries. Just goes to show how much better it is to eat healthy. I will be productive all afternoon and won’t be sleepy at my desk while they will all be fighting sleep with coffee.” — Shelley C.