So what IS the right diet to be healthy?

What is the right “diet” to make you healthy? Confused by all the headlines? I know I am!!
Eat Low-Fat! Eat Low-Carbs! Don’t Eat meat! Eat High Fat! 
What IS the answer? WHAT is the right “diet”?
There are so many variations of diets out there. And there are so many experts. And they can’t all be wrong. So what do you do? What do you eat to get or be healthy?
There is an answer. And they all agree …

Eat More Vegetables!

No matter which of the popular diets (or “eating styles”, as I like to call them) that you read about, there is a common theme:  More vegetables!
Vegetables are many things:
• They are low-fat.
• They are high-fiber.
• They are highly nutritious.
• You can eat them raw, or cooked in many ways.
• There are SO many varieties, SO many colors.
What about Fruits? Don’t all the “eating styles” say eat Fruits too?
Most do. But some “eating styles” limit or restrict fruits.
Vegetables are your ticket to being healthier!
How much should you eat? As many as you can.
The more vegetables you add to your day, the less you will eat of something else that is LIKELY to be less nutritious.
“But I don’t like vegetables, ” You say. My answer? Try, Try again!
• Try some new vegetables.
• Try cooking in different ways. Some cooking methods bring out the flavors and sweetness of vegetables.
• Try adding herbs, spices or simple dressings.
Add vegetables to Smoothies, Steam or Roast them. 
Cut them up raw and eat for snacks.
Vegetables do take more time to prep and cook. You can cut your prep-time down with pre-cut or frozen veggies. Do avoid or minimize canned foods. The nutritional value is less and can linings may contain BPA!
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Here’s to being healthier, day by day!

Mary Z


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