Snow Shoveling and Healthy Lifestyle Choices



Can shoveling snow be an analogy for living a healthier life?

I think so!

As I was out shoveling the new inches of snow on my driveway today, I thought: this reminds me of how I’ve created healthier habits in my life.

In Montana, we get quite a bit of snow, on and off, throughout the year. It may be a few inches at a time, or days of snowfall that add up to a foot or more. The best way to deal with it: keep up with it as it falls!

It might be a daily activity or every few hours, during a big snowfall. But you can’t always wait until it’s done. You must keep an eye out and get out there after a few inches have fallen, to keep it clear. If the forecast says more snow is on its way, I make sure I get out and clear away what’s already fallen.

That’s how I’ve created a healthier lifestyle over the past two decades, by keeping an eye out for how my body feels, where my weight is on the scale, how my clothes feel, and what my health test results are (i.e. blood work). I’m not waiting for a big “snowfall” to happen in my personal health and wellness. I’m doing what I can, day by day, to make better decisions: eat healthier, stay active, build and maintain relationships, breathe deeper and better, relax more. I still have fun and enjoy the less-than-healthy foods and drinks, but I get right back on a healthier bandwagon the next day (or after vacation, the holidays, etc).

Making the smaller decisions on a regular basis help me build a better, healthier and happier life.

It’s much easier to shovel a few inches of snow, than a foot or more! Believe me!

Stay warm and dry!

Here’s to healthier living, day by day,

Mary Zoellner

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