Review: Mindfulness: A Practical Guide

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared a review. I recently purchased this book, one that called to me (like they often do), Mindfulness: A Practical Guide (2012) by Tessa Watt. I found it at a Barnes & Noble in the Bargain Books area, a favorite section of mine.

I didn’t need another book on being mindful. I was in the middle of another book, as well as three or five others on different topics. But, the author, Watt, divided this one into simple chapters that are fairly quick to read. Each chapter has one focus with very practical ideas for bringing that focus into your life. Some chapters contain exercises (some thinking, some writing), if you want to get the full experience of her ideas.

I would say the book’s ideas aren’t new, but definitely new perspectives and great exercises. She covers variations of mindfulness from the simple acts of being present, in-the-moment with mundane daily activities (brushing your teeth, doing dishes), to listening to your body as you move through your day, or are out for a walk, to paying detailed attention to thoughts and emotions as stressful situations occur in your life.

If you happen upon the book, and feel the need to refresh your mindfulness practices, or are looking to incorporate more mindfulness in your life, I highly recommend the purchase!

Here’s to being healthier day-by-day!


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