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I watched a film today, called What The Health, on Netflix. The film promotes the Vegetarian diet, more specifically Vegan. It’s a bit controversial because it blames meat for conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and makes broad statements about sugar not being part of the equation. Considering so many other experts (and studies) show sugar to be quite unhealthy, it’s hard for me to agree with their claims. However, I did agree with some of their other discussions including:

  • Dairy foods can definitely be problematic and unhealthy,

  • Processed meats and fast foods are riddled with carcinogens,

  • Diet is a bigger factor for disease than genetics, for most of us,

  • The government withholds information on many of the food products being sold and

  • Big Pharma is focused more on profits than cures and prevention.

This film may be worth watching to understand the struggle between the experts and why it’s so difficult for us to know what is the “right way” to eat. (Hint. There isn’t one right way for everyone.)

There are disturbing images of animals on farms and in meat processing plants. The film is very effective at soliciting empathy for the creatures we eat! There are many downsides to raising and processing animals for food. I don’t disagree with those issues. But I don’t believe animal meat, in and of itself, is the prime culprit  that they intend.

I welcome your comments if you get a chance to review the film.

Here’s to better health every day!

Mary Z

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