My Workout Buddy

Hi All,

Do you have a workout buddy?

Having a workout buddy can be crucial to the success of an exercise program. It makes you more responsible. You are less likely to skip when you know someone else is counting on you, or prodding you, to get out and exercise.

My workout buddy and I have been together for many years. She is a constant in my life. And she never lets me forget when I have skipped too many days. Missing a day seemed to be allowed. But after that, I  did not hear the end of it! She would get quite cranky and impatient with me until we were back on schedule. But I knew it was for my own good.

Stretching is her forte. She is the best example of completely stretching the legs and back. It was nothing for her to plop down on the floor and show me how it’s done. She had a definite knack for that. I always followed her lead.

My buddy is my cat, Honey. She’s fourteen years old. I’ve had her since she was a kitten, just 8 weeks old. She and her sister C.C. were rescued in the mountains of Colorado in 1997, and I adopted them.

In 1999, I moved to Montana. I lived in a large house with a basement, where my treadmill resided. My regular exercise routine was walking or jogging on the treadmill then stretching on a carpet on the floor. Soon after moving into this house, I noticed Honey would come down the steps during my workouts and lay on the carpet with me while I stretched.

Lying on the floor doing my yoga stretches, I could easily reach out and pet her.  I was definitely a captive audience for those 10 or 15 minutes of floor stretching. And she started taking advantage of it.

Soon it was a regular event. I would walk on the treadmill, listening to my music on a CD player. When I stopped the treadmill, I’d hear the plop, plop, plop of kitty paws on the stairs. And there she was, meowing at me, ready for our “stretching” time.

When I would get “bad” about my workouts and skip a few days, I noticed Honey would get very cranky. She meowed at me as if chastising me for something. Well, she was. She wasn’t getting all that attention she was so used to, and she wanted it!

I wrote the above story several years ago. My furry workout buddy has been gone for about 3 years now. I must admit, I’m not nearly as good about stretching as I was when she was here. I do miss her!

And, I must say … having a workout buddy is definitely a good idea, human or furry!

Here’s to being healthier, day by day,

Mary Z


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