Food Items

Dandy Blend (Amazon)  – Herbal Blend with Dandelion Root (coffee replacement beverage)

TruRoots Quinoa (Amazon)  I bought this same brand at Costco as well. 

Liquid Stevia (Amazon)  I like the Now brand. It is an additional sweetener but better than sugar or common sugar replacements. You can get flavors. Nice for coffee!

Navitas Raw Cacao Powder (Amazon) – This is my favorite cocoa powder! I have ordered online many times, but beware – the last couple times the company send Nibs instead of Powder! (Not the same!) If you can find this brand locally, try it out. Other raw cacao brands may be just as good though.

Bob’s Red Mill Chia Seed (Amazon) – I buy this particular brand. Amazon has a multi-pack that I like. There are many brands of chia seeds out there. 

Raw Hemp Hearts (Amazon) – Hemp Hearts are great to add to salads and soups. They add some plant protein to your meals. I have found them at Costco in the past. 

Trident Salmon Patties (Costco) – These are easy and fast since they are cooked frozen. I’m not thrilled with the oil that’s in it, the rest of the ingredients seem fine. 

Kitchen Items

Coffee Grinder (Amazon) – Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder, similar to the one I have (not exactly the same)

Spice Grinder (Amazon) – Epica brand, for grinding spices, herbs, seeds

Vitamix (Amazon) – I recently purchased this Vitamix and I do like it. I got the smaller size and it has less options. Vitamix gets a lot of positive reviews, though their models tend to be pricey. Costco also carries them and may offer a good deal. 

The Vitamix is an immersion blender which blends much better than commercial blends. It also heats up. So it’s great for making soups or blending soups cooked on the stove top.


Self-Care Items

Yoga Tune Up Products – Great for self-help for tension and stress in the body. Great videos, some are free (youtube). 
The Roll Model (Amazon)  – This is a fabulous book on using the Yoga Tune Up products. It’s also an educational book with so much detail about the human body and movement. Wonderful, detailed photos. Get the paper copy. It’s worth every penny!
Yoga Tune Up Balls (Amazon) – This is a set of the Yoga Tune Up Balls. I recommend getting the full set. They are so helpful for body self-care. 
Tune Up Fitness on YouTube – Check out the free videos on Youtube for using the balls.