Reviews for Films, Movies, Documentaries

This page is for films that I’ve seen and want to share about. Some are on Netflix. Some are Amazon Prime. 

There is also website called Top Documentary Films that streams free documentaries on Health, and other subjects. 

Fasting for Health

Detailed discussion of how fasting works and testimonials from Fasting programs in other countries. Especially impressed with using fasting with chemotherapy treatment. Worth watching!

Eating Styles (Diet)

We Love Paleo
Amazon Prime

Great testimonies on following the Paleo eating style. 

What the Health


Controversial film promoting a vegetarian diet, no meat, no dairy. See my Blog Post for my review.

Another film promoting a vegetarian diet. Similar to What The Health above. There was some mention of not eating processed foods and oils. Mainly it promotes the vegan diet as the best diet for human beings and for the planet. 

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