Instant Pot – Part 2

I’m so excited every time I find something new to make in my Instant Pot. Most recently I’ve been cooking rice in it. It makes excellent rice (and beans)!

It’s So Easy!

The basic steps for rice:

  1. Put your dry rice in
  2. Put your spices in (I’ve been using up some dry Miso Soup mix and it’s tasty!)
  3. Put your water in
  4. Put your meat on top – if you want to include that (I’ve done a half chicken breast & also fish)
  5. Set it to cook … and go do something else for a bit (Timing will depend on the amounts & the meat chosen)

I have been able to put the food in, click the settings, then go workout or shower. It’s so nice to not have to watch the food on the stove or wait for the oven to get hot before I can leave it. (And the Instant Pot automatically keeps it warm without over-cooking!)

You Can Stack

If you buy a few of the accessories for the Instant Pot, you can actually “stack” things. For example, you can have your rice at the bottom, then on a small stand (usually one comes with the cooker), you can put a bowl or pan (something that fits and it oven-safe), with some veggies and meat.

You can even buy small spring foam pans that fit inside and make cheesecakes and other desserts! (I haven’t tried this yet.)

I probably sound like a broken record – having already posted about the Instant Pot – but it really is a fabulous tool for cooking!  Fast, versatile, easy cleanup. No hot kitchen. Love it!

Below are some links for a few recipes I’ve done or plan to do soon.

Here’s to being healthier, day by day!

Mary Z


Brown Rice – A basic rice recipe. It’s so simple and turn outs so well. I’ve been using Basmati rice.


Baked Apples – I tried this one. It’s very tasty, though I think coring the apples would make it easier to eat later.

Apple Crisp – This is my next apple recipe to try. I know I’m gonna love it!

Strawberry Chia Seed Jam – I tried this with Blueberries. Think it’s going to be great on pancakes.

Soups & Chilis

Chicken Enchilada Soup – This was so tasty and easy. It’s more of a chili or thick soup.

Black Beans – Beans are super easy to make. I usually soak mine, but you don’t have to.

Carmelized Onions

Carmelize Onions in the Instant Pot – These turned out great! I added them to my salads for flavor!

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