Holiday Survival: It’s that time of year, again


Hi All!

I love the holidays. Yes, I am one of THOSE people. I like to put up my decorations as soon as Halloween is over. And, I leave them up until Super Bowl Sunday. Really. I do!

This year will be different, however. Being on my “walkabout” I don’t have my usual décor with me. And my home-space isn’t really mine to decorate at will. BUT I can still enjoy: watching my favorite shows (I did bring some DVDs, but Netflix and Amazon, thankfully, have some of my faves), hanging up some Christmas cheer in my room, offer to hang some lights or put up a little tree, or stockings. (Dollar stores always have some inexpensive ways to celebrate.)

I also have a Christmas habit of baking, which means I eat much of what I bake! (Yes, I usually give some away but I love holiday treats!) Not having my own kitchen this year, I will likely bake (and eat) less. Thinking this is a good thing!!

Now, most of you will be celebrating Christmas your “usual” way. And there may be some stress around that. Whether it’s stress from the hurry and preparation efforts, the family connections (or dis-connections), traveling, or the delectable high-calorie foods that call your name, there are options to help!

Getting Prepared

My #1 recommendation is always “Take care of YOU!”  Don’t forget yourself and your well-being at this time of year. It’s so easy to dive in and make it great for others, often to our own distress. Always include the gift of self-care when you are showering gifts on others. You deserve it!

“Take care of YOU” means different things to each of us. Do what works for you.

Last year I wrote three blogs about dealing with the Holidays. Those links are included below, to refresh your memory (if you read them last year, that is). Here are a couple more ideas to contemplate:

10 Tips Surviving The Holidays from Psychology Today

Some good ideas here, especially keeping a routine. That might be keeping your workout routine, or keeping your eating routine, or sleeping routine. You may not be able to maintain all aspects due to parties and house-guests, but pick something to use for some boundaries to hold onto.

Surviving The Holidays from WebMD

Good diet ideas here. Planning ahead can help curb those additional calories, or keep you from eating food that you’ll regret later! And, like the previous article, keeping the exercise schedule can help!

My 2017 Blog: Holiday Survival Guide Part 1: Holiday Food

My 2017 Blog: Holiday Survival Guide Part 2: Self Care

My 2017 Blog: Holiday Survival Guide Part 3: Relationships

Giving Thanks

It’s appropriate that our Holiday season starts with Giving Thanks. Gratitude is a wonderful base for everything we do. Saying a quick “Thank You” – to yourself, under your breath, or out loud over your meal or to someone else, is a prayer of gratitude. Add that to the list above, and see if it helps to de-stress your season!

I am grateful for you, reading this blog. And for my ability to write it!

Be well & grateful, this holiday season!

Thankfully yours,

Mary Zoellner

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