Happy Holidays

Hello everyone!

Happy Holidays to you! The holiday time went quickly for me. I spent 3 weeks visiting family in the past several weeks. It was a good time and I made some wonderful memories. My Christmas will be low-key, spending time with my younger brother here in Oregon country.

With 2019 coming up, I’m sure many of you are contemplating “resolutions” And I’ll bet many of those include health-related goals! I’ve started a Facebook Group as a support for 2019 goals to be healthier. Feel free to join (and it’s free) if you’d like some extra support on your new year’s journey.

Click here to see the group. You should be able to click Join. (I may have to Add you upon request.)

Join the Group

If you aren’t yet following my Mountain Harmony Health Facebook Page, please do. I post daily with links on various health topics, especially food and recipe ideas.

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Future Plans

I don’t have any specific programs planned (yet) for 2019. Personally, I may do another Whole Food Restart, then a Whole 30 for myself. I found those programs very helpful at the beginning of 2018.

If you have an interest in doing a program with me, please send me an email.

  • My Whole Food Restart is a great way to cut out the “crap” for a bit and start detoxing from processed foods and common food allergens.
  • The Whole 30 program takes it to a deeper level, restricting more food groups, but is still very doable for 30 days (or more). I share a lot of Whole 30 ideas and recipes on my FB page.
  • If you want to try the Keto diet, that is another option coming out of my Whole Food Restart. I haven’t (yet) gone full-Keto, but I believe there are some benefits for certain health issues.

I’ll be posting on goals and tips for bringing in the new year this week. Feel free to share your thoughts!

I wish you the Best of the Best in this new year!

Here’s to living health-ier day by day!

Healthfully yours,

Mary Zoellner








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