Going Walkabout!

Hello All!

This is a personal blog. And, it’s one of the reasons I’ve been so lax on blogging. I actually started it a month ago. So I’m way over-due to post!

I decided to go “walkabout” for the winter. I gave up my apartment in Helena, MT, put minimal stuff in storage (sold almost all big stuff), and packed up my car. I left last week on October 17th!

I moved to Montana over 19 years ago for a relationship. That relationship bloomed for a while, but ultimately ended 10 years ago. When I moved here initially, I thought, if this doesn’t work out, I might move to Oregon. I had been there a couple times and I liked the scenery.

Since the time I settled in Montana, one of my siblings moved to Oregon. I’ve been there a couple more times to visit.  Recently, I re-connected with a high-school friend who lives in the Tri-Cities area of Washington state. It happens to be on the way to Oregon. This summer I drove out and visited my friend and then my brother.

After I returned home I contemplated whether I would like to live in that area of the country. They have mountains, which I love, and some arid areas. (I do like the dry climate.) After a chat with my friend, and a few other things that came up, I decided I should spend some time out there, since I wasn’t ready to pick up and move, completely.

So … I am on a “walkabout”. I’m spending the winter in the Pacific Northwest. If I don’t mind the winter, perhaps it’ll become my new home. It all fell together rather easily. And for once, it feels like the right direction for me!

Fortunately, downsizing has become easier and easier for me over the past 10 years. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to have less and less to worry about. (I can always buy more stuff later, if I really, really, need it.) It is challenging only having access to what fits in my car, but I will survive!

My plans for the next 6 months include more focus on my Health and Wellness writing and research. So hopefully, you will hear from me much more often! Stay tuned!

Here’s to being healthier, day by day!

Mary Z

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