Getting The Sugar Out

Hello and Happy Easter!

Do you find that you often crave sugar and sweets? Especially this time of year. With all the Easter candy in front of our noses. And now it’s Spring. So we’re thinking about those summer shorts and tank tops. How will we ever stop the sugar madness and get in shape for summer?!?!

This sugar “madness” is often called the “Sugar Blues”. It’s a vicious cycle that we can get into where we eat foods with lots of added sugars which makes us want to eat more, because the sweet tooth isn’t satisfied, or our energy bounces up and down and we need more. Or it’s just what we do when we gather together. We eat sweets. Alcoholic beverages. Sugary desserts. Dip our appetizers in sweet-tasting dips and sauces. It’s what we do!

Cutting back on sugar in our diets is one of the most challenging things to do. But it IS doable. The first step is to become aware of where all this sugar is. Then to make better and better choices.

Yes, you can go “cold turkey” and do a Sugar “detox”. That isn’t a bad idea. But it can be challenging. And it is an excellent way to reset your taste buds to help deal with that “sweet tooth” issue.

I can’t say I don’t eat any “added sugars”, because I do. But I’ve cleared it out of my system enough, that I can truly savor the flavors of REAL food. Fruits, vegetables, home-made sauces taste so much better to me now. I enjoy adding so many more spices and flavors to my foods now, than I ever did before. Eating foods with added sugars is too much “sweet” for me.

I grew up adding ketchup to everything. I ate Hostess snack cakes on a daily basis (at least during the school year). We poured sugar on top of our strawberries! (I never do that now!) But no more of that for me! Not only do my new choices make me healthier, but I enjoy food so much more now. What a great trade-off!

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Here’s to living healthier, day by day!

Mary Z

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