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One of the biggest challenges to eating healthier, is all the cooking and food prep that usually goes along with eating healthy foods.

Eating out at restaurants, fast-food or otherwise, isn’t a sustainable way to get whole foods and steady nutrition in your “eating style”. Cooking at home, at least some of the time, is usually a necessary activity.

For me, I’ve found that if I take some time within a day or two of my shopping trips, and cut up my fresh veggies and do some steaming, and maybe roasting, I have a lot of whole food to eat for several days. It really curbs my desire to eat out or buy impulse items at the store.

Today, for example, I took some time at lunch and did the following (within about 15 minutes):

  • Peeled and chopped a cucumber
  • Cut 3 small bell peppers into strips
  • Sliced half a dozen button mushrooms and sauteed on the stove
  • Cut up a watermelon radish (something new I saw at the store!)

I got the mushrooms started first, and while they sautéed in some water (I rarely use oil on the stove these days), I did my chopping. I put some of my newly chopped/cooked veggies in a bowl with some previously cooked quinoa and spinach (steamed), added some home-made dressing, and a lunch was born!

I am not a chef or fancy cook. But I manage to eat whole foods most of the time. (Yes, it is a bit easier since it’s just me, but you can groom your family members into healthier eaters!! I know you can!) It takes some planning and having a solid list of regular foods that you buy.

I now buy more food at Costco, since they do have some organic options. I steam most of the greens – and if I don’t think I’ll eat them all, I freeze some in small bags for later. (Lately I’ve been eating them all up! Good for me!) That’s a great option if you have a family to buy for.

If you haven’t yet, join my email list and you can download my free Eat More Veggies e-book. It gives you some simple ways to get more veggies into your eating style. Already a veggie-lover? I’ll bet you can add a new one or two. I discovered Watermelon Radishes at the store this week. Something new & different, and very colorful! (They look like a watermelon inside, but definitely taste more like a radish.)

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Here’s to being healthier, day by day!

Mary Z





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