Simple Sleep Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Hi all!

I’m no sleep expert. But I know what it’s like to lie awake for hours before falling asleep. And to wake up on and off all night long. Or wake up and lie awake … for hours, yet again. It’s stressful. It’s depressing. It’s frustrating.

Over the years I have used some simple tips to help improve my sleep. I’ve tried many sleep ideas. Some helped. Some didn’t. I tried various combinations of ideas. For me, there is no one thing that works, all the time. But I have learned to listen to my body and not to stress when I have “those” nights.

My quick tips for sleep include:

  1. Don’t stress. Basically, let go of the stress about not sleeping. Do the steps that you can and listen to your own body wisdom.
  2. Breathe. Breathing techniques are helpful for many issues and can definitely help calm the mind and body.
  3. Don’t box yourself into someone else’s regimen. You have to create the right “sleep routine” that works for you.
  4. Be comfortable. Create comfort in whatever way your body needs so you can relax more. There is no “right” position or place to sleep.
  5. Eat right. While eating a healthy diet is likely to help, sometimes the right bedtime snack is the most helpful part of that diet.
  6. See a doc. Make sure you don’t have some other issues going on causing your sleep issues. And get some input.
  7. Give it time. Be patient with yourself and your body.

Nothing terribly new and exciting in that advice. But keeping it simple can be a good place to start.

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Here’s to healthier living, day by day (and night by night)!

Mary Z


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