Benefits of Chair Ma-ssAhhge

Hello my wellness-loving friends!

I just had a lovely afternoon of Foot Reflexology and Chair Massage. Ahhhh. What a lovely gift to myself!

I am a huge fan of bodywork (massage, reflexology, rolfing, acupressure, etc.). I was fortunate to be a part of a bodywork “circle” years ago when I was a Certified Reflexologist. I often traded services with my massage and reflexologist friends.

Part of my personal “wellness care” is getting regular bodywork, usually a full-body massage monthly. (Sometimes more often!) On my current “walkabout” I’ve been hesitant to spend the funds on bodywork, but I noticed a business at the mall offering acupressure (foot reflexology and chair massage). Today, I indulged! Twenty minutes of Foot Reflexology and Twenty minutes on the Chair. So wonderful! And so needed!

Full Body Or ?

Most of my massage experience has been the get-naked, full-body session. I started getting more chair massage when traveling for family visits. I often had long layovers (2-3 hours), and there were massage services at my layover airports. (Yes, they are pricey, but … I’m worth it!) It was such a great treat when traveling. Even a 20-minute session on the chair has some nice benefits, especially with all the travel-stress.

For some, the idea of a full-body massage is just too personal. Chair massage can be the “ticket” when you want to stay clothed. Chair massage is done over clothing. Below are links to a couple articles that describe chair massage and lots of benefits.

Upper Body Relief

If your shoulders are creeping up to your ears or your shoulder blades are squeezing your spine … chair massage is a great way to get some deep shoulder work, if you like that. (Pressure is always modifiable.) I’ve also found that the therapist can get into the rib-cage and mid-back areas so much better when using the chair setup.

If you need some lower body work for those tight hamstrings, table work is probably going to be more helpful, since the chair setup doesn’t really give you any leg work.

Shorter Sessions = Less Money

You don’t need 60 minutes on the chair to benefit!  Table massage is usually offered as an hour session (60-minute is most common). On the chair, a 20-minute session is enough to feel the benefits. You are likely to save a bit of money and still get some benefit for your health & well being.

Where to Find Practitioners

As I mentioned above, I have had many of my Chair Massage experiences at the airport. And Yes, they are rather pricey. You can often find therapists at a local mall. (That’s where I went today.) Some local massage therapists offer chair massage at local businesses from time to time, especially at health & wellness stores, and at local health fairs; and some employers bring in therapists for their employees’ benefit. (The employer may not pick up the tab, but it’s still worth it for some stress relief.)

What about the Feet?

I did mention I got some Foot Reflexology too. It was more of a foot massage, and was super relaxing. I’m also a big fan of getting “foot work” if you can, and if you enjoy it. (Not everyone likes their feet touched.) I haven’t seen Reflexology offered as much as chair massage, but … it is another wonderful way to treat yourself to some self-care and wellness. Indulge if you have the desire & opportunity!

Here’s to remembering your self-care and being healthier, day by day!

Mary Zoellner


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