Are you a Neti Potter?

Hello All,

Do you use a Neti Pot for your sinus health? I do. And I highly recommend it!

I grew up in a humid climate and had sinus infections way too often. After moving to a drier climate, my sinuses were a bit happier but I still got an infection about once a year. That’s when I discovered the Neti Pot.

I started using a neti pot over 15 years ago, and now infections are extremely rare for me. (It’s been years. Really.) Also – stuffy-headed nights of no sleep? Gone.

It isn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea. Pouring water through your nose does seem kinda gross. But, it can feel so good! I breathe so much freer and easier now.

If you have allergies or are experiencing more head colds with this harsh, cold winter we’re having, you might want to give your sinuses a treat and try a neti-pot. (Give it a few tries … it does take getting used to.)

Here are some links with details, if you’re curious!

Web MD Article about Neti Pots

How To video at Ashley’s Green Life on YouTube

I like to use pre-mixed packets in my neti-pot. The product I use is NeilMed Natural Relief Packets.

They also sell a version that includes s squeeze bottle, which might be an easier alternative to the Neti Pot (but I recommend trying the neti-pot a few times, if you can). Here is a link to that product.

If you are already a Neti-Potter, or have tried it, please share your thoughts in a Blog Comment.

Here’s to being healthier, day by day!

Mary Z

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