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Hello my Health-Minded Friends!
January is coming to a close. How are your New Years Resolutions going? Still on track? Or are they a thing-of-the-past already?
Today I’m writing a bit about Apps for Health & Wellness. If you have a Smart Phone, you probably have an App or three on your phone.

Apps for Fasting
My recent interest in using Apps is due to my getting-serious about Intermittent Fasting. I wanted a simple app so I can easily see how long my fasts are. My current goal is a 15-16 hour fast daily – or at least most days. So I googled and found several recommended Apps.
The app I’m trying out is called MyFast. It has a Free version, a price I can definitely afford. It lets me click Start Fasting or Stop Fasting. Then I can edit the Start/Stop Time so it calculates the correct interval. It keeps a history for a week or so. The paid version offers a longer history option. I’ve been using this app for several days now and I do find it extremely helpful. When I click that Start Fasting button in the evening, I am much better at sticking to no-night-time-eating!
Here are a couple links to lists of other “top” apps specifically for Intermittent Fasting.

Apps for Food Tracking
There are oodles of Apps out there to track what you eat. They help you count your calories and macro-nutrients (Fat, Protein and Carbs). If you are following a specific eating-style, like Keto or even Weight-Watchers, you can find an App to help track your food intake. Many have Free options so you can try them out – then Pay if you want additional features.
A couple apps that I have used in the past (I didn’t stick to them, but that’s just me …) include Dr Mercola’s Cronometer (food food tracking) and Dr Greger’s ( Daily Dozen app.

Here is a list of “top” apps rated last year. A Google search will return many others to try out.

Apps for Activity Tracking
There are also many Apps to track your Activity. You can use a separate product like a Fitbit or Garmin. Or you can enter data into your phone, into an App. Personally, I have used a Fitbit and found it extremely helpful and informative. Unfortunately my last one stopped working with the app – it won’t update the data for review. (I haven’t figured out how to fix that yet …) But that Fitbit was the best activity motivator I’ve ever had!
Here are some links to “top” fitness apps to review.

I hope this has been a motivating blog for you, to look into an App or two that will help motivate YOU toward healthier habits! Here’s to healthier living, day by day!
Mary Zoellner

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