What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a partner who supports and motivates you to reach your self-defined goals for health and wellness. The coach creates a step-by-step plan, with you, offering his/her resources and support. A Health Coach works with you to create and build health-supportive habits.  A Health Coach may also help you create and carry out a plan to meet a doctor’s prescribed regimen or a   nutritionist’s diet program. Health Coaches often facilitate groups or teach workshops on health and wellness topics.
Our current healthcare model has neglected to provide realistic, day-to-day support for us, as we become more stressed, overweight, malnourished and prone to disease. Our common American diet continues to decrease in nutritional value, adding to our healthcare concerns.

Health Coaching Fills the gap

Health Coaching provides regular support to you as you incorporate healthier habits into your daily life and focus on your goals. Coaching sessions are client-driven. While a Health Coach may use a predefined structure for the sessions, your goals and need for support are the focus of the partnership.
Goals may be related to any area of health and wellness, including diet, exercise, stress-management, relationships, career and spiritual connection. Health and well-being are created by more than just food. Your lifestyle is an important part of health and balance.
Health Coaching serves to complement the work of other health professionals. By helping individuals to develop a healthier lifestyle, coaches can, and will, play an essential role in health maintenance, disease prevention, and improved quality of life for us all.